INTELISUM was founded in the United States, and established in Brazil in 2009, for the purpose to providing world-class technological solutions for data collection services using 3D laser scanner and Engineering.

We are present in the oil and gas industry, as well as in the steel, mining, manufacturing, and infrastructure sectors. In addition to other types of services, INTELISUM currently specializes in maintenance support, mainly for the oil & gas industry, offshore, offshore exploration, production and refining units. INTELISUM is committed to the entire maintenance process. It ranges from the 3D Data Collection of the units (3D Scanning), 3D Modeling (As built As Is), 3D Design in CAD or CAD / BIM, elaboration of drawings, lists of materials, and manufacturing quality control through 3D Dimensional Verification, which comprises the 3D survey of the manufactured items, virtual assembly, and dimensional reporting, allowing us to ensure zero assembly error.

Offices locates in Macae - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Boca Raton - Florida, USA www.inteli4.com


InteliSum South America declares its commitment to customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and quality of its services, establishing the following guidelines:
- to strengthen the relationship with customers through transparency, contributing to their perception of InteliSum as a reference and efficiency;
- having active leadership, committed to the development and implementation of the Intelisum Quality Management System, in meeting its requirements and in continuous improvement;
- be a technology pioneer, continuously developing training processes for its employees and efficient methods to serve the customer, investing in technological innovations, training and development of new products.

Provide technological and engineering solutions, contributing to the development of the company, customers, employees and society.

To be recognized among the 10 best companies in providing technological and engineering solutions.


  • Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Results-oriented
  • Trust
  • Quality
  • Transparency


The InteliSum Anti-Corruption Policy aims to guide its employees about the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law (Federal Law No. 12,846 of 08/01/13) and offer guidelines that ensure that the conduct of the company's business is guided by the standards of integrity, transparency and legality . Through this Policy, everyone will be aware of the law, its importance, responsibilities and penalties that govern it. In addition, the guidelines presented in this Policy are for employees to appropriate and use as an indisputable and non-negotiable conduct in the company InteliSum South America. Find out more by downloading our manual - Anti-Corruption Policy (Public Access Manual).


InteliSum South America is a socially responsible company and committed to the environment. Find out more by downloading our manual - HSSE Policy (Public Access Manual).


INTELISUM has the best hardware and software resources. It also qualifies its team in the most modern data collection technologies used in the world. Our professionals are constantly in seminars, shows and fairs, to closely monitor technological innovations and news in the segment. INTELISUM uses advanced CAE / CAD Engineering Systems.

Quality Program “Zero Error” - It is a process that we have established in our projects. If our client follows the workflow and protocols guided by INTELISUM, we guarantee zero assembly error.

Document Management System - INTELISUM uses an advanced document management system in the cloud, with the aim of giving to its collaborators and customers, easy access and availability to documentation anytime and anywhere. The system monitors online and individually all its human and technological resources allocated to each project. Thus, it is possible to direct and optimize all the efforts necessary to achieve the results expected by customers and partners, with high performance and standard of excellence.



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